Friday, October 25, 2013

Say Cheese!

Ok, there's one more tidbit from Oregon I forgot to post and then I'll be done! While we were up, we did a family photo shoot for my parents. It's been the only thing my mom has been asking for for a long while now, so we finally did it. I'm sure many of you will be getting at least one of these photos from my parents as a Christmas card, but I loved some of the random photos that were taken that won't likely be shared through a Christmas card, so I thought I'd share here.

My Dad and Momma

Our clan is getting bigger!

My parents and all "their" babies (and obviously one of them is just thrilled to be there!). Come December, there will be one more baby girl added to this bunch!

I get told almost anywhere I go when I have all three boys with me (grocery shopping, Target, etc) that "Wow, you really have your hands full!" or "Wow, three boys? That must be a lot of work?" Can I just say...for the record...that these three little faces are the absolute BEST kind of "work" out there?? :)

The outtake of the cute picture above. Coll's frown kills me!

Coll and Auntie of my favorite pictures. Ever.


Our beautiful Momma

All the girls...including Christi's...hiding away in her belly :)

"I didn't do it."

Hard working Coll-brother

All the boys

Crazy Uncle Burkie and his rope swing

My beautiful sissy Christi and Jenn's baby, Emmie

Eventually Burkie hopped off and the littles hopped on for a swing. Loved this picture of Coll and Burkie. 

Drew's turn

A huge thank you to Kaela May Photography for some great pictures and a ton of patience while taking them!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Oregon Part 3: The rest of the Shennanagins

I don't know how so many bloggers manage to post daily posts. I can barely keep up with once every other week at this point! Maybe they drink super juice. ...And if they do, where can I find some?? ;)

The rest of our Oregon trip was mostly spent on or around my parents' property. It was such sweet time with family. Relaxing and mellow, with no agenda. My kind of trip!

The boys went out every evening to Lala's garden to help her "harvest"

and would come back with a basket of goodies (minus a few tomatoes since that's all Collin would do while he was out there...sit and eat tomatoes)

The apple trees by the garden were only just starting to have ripe fruit on them while we were visiting. They still tasted a little bit starchy, but it didn't stop the boys from snacking on them

My parents have a huge loop driveway...ideal for little boys that want to ride bikes and skateboard...

...and play silly games with Uncles.

A few days before our family photo shoot (more on that later), the big guys spent the day at a Ducks game....and all of them came home so sunburned. Fortunately, they looked perfectly tanned by the time picture day came around, and their shirts covered the horrendous tan lines! ;)

Uncle Burkie brought up a giant sling shot for everyone to play with. Big fun for both the big guys and the little guys!

The big guys could get things to launch past the tree line and back down to the river!

Coll and his animals

The last time we were up, Drew and Collin went and got baby chicks with my parents. When we left to come home, they were teeny tiny, so imagine the surprise the boys got when they came back to these big girls!
Auntie Jenn. Crazy chicken lady.

The girls have now graduated from a coupe inside the barn to a chicken run outside the barn too.

My parents have this huge beehive on their property right now too. Cool to look at, but it needs to go. The boys kept calling it the Winnie the Pooh beehive.

As the week went on, the guys got tired of using water balloons and started going out to the orchard and using old fruit. As if launching them wasn't enough, they had to go bigger and stand on chairs.

Baby Emmie came out for the slingshot fun too!

Last time it was the big boys, this time Tanner got a turn in the wagon we grew up with!

Anyone ever seen the movie Gnomio and Juliet, with the lawn mower "The Terraferminator"? Well, this is my Dad's Terraferminator. 

Both boys got a turn riding/driving 

And of course, there was lots of Momo lovin' happening all around

Spoiled cat! We look like crazy cat people...