Friday, June 27, 2014

Three Things

Three Things about:

1. Is getting better at reading and writing. I recently received this note from Drew:

"Love Drew. To Mom, When I look at you, I love you so much"

What Momma's heart wouldn't melt at that?

2. Really wants his baby teeth to fall out. He has had three barely loose teeth for five or six months but they haven't really loosened much further and don't seem to be going anywhere any time soon. Patience, Drewski, Patience!

3. Loves to skateboard and is surprisingly good at it!

1. Loves the color game. We went from the finding "Christmas trees without lights" game in the car to constantly asking to play the color game in the car. I figure its good practice on colors.

2. Recently had his very first dentist appointment. He was super excited to go and asked for weeks in advance if that day was the day he would get to go to the dentist with Drew. When the day finally came and his dental hygienist came out to get him, he started to get a little bit nervous, but they were quick to offer to take Drew back at the same time, which eased Coll's worries almost instantly. The rest of his time in the office went great. They sent him home with a balloon and a toy lizard and he was a happy little camper!

3. Loves babies and animals and asks often for our house to have another of both.

Doll strollers are for Emmie, right??

Poor Max! This cat is so patient!

1. Says "Heeeeeeese!" (Cheese!) anytime a camera appears. He also now say "oooooooOOWCH", with major emphasis on the last part.

2. Shakes his head no in response to almost any question you ask him (whether or not he means, yes). He also now tells Nathan "no" to goodbye hi-fives after hugs and kisses in the morning, but will almost always exchange the high-five for a fist bump.

3. Loves to talk (mostly hear himself talk) while plugging his nose.

4. Also loves to climb things.