Thursday, May 26, 2011

Three Things

Since I missed it last week....

Three things about Drew this month:

1. He loves to try to "teach" Collin how to do things now. It's cute and comical to watch him try and show Coll how something should work and then explain again how Collin needs to do it when he inevitably doesn't follow Drew's directions. (tattling on Collin when he won't do what Drew wants him to also came with this).
2. Loves anything puzzle or building related.
3. Is adamant he do things on his own now. This sometimes results in him eventually asking for help, but I'm often surprised at just how much he really can do completely on his own.
Bonus!:  If Drew's in trouble, he now tries to calm me down with "oooooh, schweet baby....".  As in, "ooooh, it's ok schweet baby. Shhhh, settle down". I'm not sure where he picked this one up, but it is so hard not to laugh when he does it!

Three things about Collin:

1. He now has his two front teeth (complete with a gap between them) :)
2. He's soooo close to walking. He cruises all over the house holding onto things, and can stand completely on his own without holding anything now. Although Drew did this cruising/standing thing for at least a month before he truly walked, I still think Coll will be walking sooner (Drew officially walked, as in took more than three or four steps in a row, just after his first birthday).
3. He has very little interest in a bottle these days. If we are all eating solid foods, then that's what Collin wants too. You name it, Collin will eat it, or beg for it to be shared.
Bonus!: He's so mischievous these days! He loves to do things he knows he's not supposed to. He'll watch you coming to stop him and intentionally go faster towards whatever he knows you're coming to stop him from. For example, we have an alarm on our house. An alarm that Collin has figured out how to set off at least twice a day. How does that tiny person set the alarm off? Well, with the alarm, came the installation of a carbon monoxide detector, that by requirement was installed about a foot from the floorboards in the hallway. This detector has a test button that has a lovely little green light that flashes and apparently screams for Collin to come and press it. If he presses the test button twice in a row (which he always does), it sets the alarm off. He thinks it's hilarious. Hilarious! As in, it's become his favorite much so, that Drew will now hear the test beeps of the detector and immediately cover his ears in anticipation of the alarm he knows will follow. Ug! Usually I can get over to the panel fast enough to shut the alarm off before the alarm company calls to check that everything is ok. However, their number has become a regular on our caller ID. I'm sure they think we're nuts.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Collin's First Haircut

Well, we finally said goodbye to Justin Bieber and welcomed Collin back. Yep, this week that shaggy haired munchkin finally got his long overdue first haircut. Well, technically the haircut was last week, but thanks to the plethora of birthday shenanigans I had to post about last week, I decided to wait until this week to post the pictures. Part of the reason I had waited so long to have Collin's hair cut was that I reeeaaally didn't want to be the one to cut it. I cut all of the other boys' hair in this household, but the thought of cutting a squirmy wormy, likely upset, almost ten month old's hair just didn't seem appealing to me. Auntie Christi could have that honor. After all, she's the professional. Well, turns out time wasn't really on my side and if I didn't want to wait until Christi's wedding in August to have Collin's hair cut, then I would have to be pulling out the scissors myself. Turns out, it wasn't nearly as terrible as I thought it would be. When it was all said and done, I don't think it turned out half bad.


I'm always a little sad to see the baby curls go

After! I can't get over how blonde (ish) his hair turned out once all the dark long hair was gone

Auntie Jenn: giver of goodies and taker of pictures = handy sidekick.

This past weekend we also went to Lodi, CA for my cousin Matt's wedding. Since we ended up missing my other cousin's wedding in Portland back in December, I was excited to see all of my dad's family (it's been a while!). The wedding was beautiful, the bride (and groom!) beaming, and the location was gorgeous! I didn't take my camera, but I managed to snag Burke's and take a few pictures. I only realized after the fact, that none of us took a picture of the bride and groom, so I can't show you how stellar they looked, you'll just have to take my word for it. :)

The tree they were married in front of

My dad's siblings (minus one)

Giada and Drew (Giada is Drew's second cousin, and is absolutely adorable! Seriously, so cute and spunky!)

Cute picture above, take two. This one sort of summed up the two of them together better :)

Can't wait to see the family again (plus a few new babies!) for Christi's wedding in August!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Work to be done

As you may have already guessed, this past weekend was dedicated to celebrating the birthday of a certain little munchkin in our house. Since we have a little boy who loves all things tractor, truck and dirt related, it seemed only natural to throw a construction themed birthday party this year. Thanks to a Family Fun magazine article I had read a while ago, I knew just how I was going to go about doing this! A fair warning to all of you reading, my parents were unable to make the party and this is my venue for sharing pictures from the day, so hold onto your hardhats, this post will be a long one (at least in terms of pictures)!

Ever since Drew went to a friend's birthday party back in January (yeah, you read that right- January), he has been on a birthday kick. Four months may not seem like a long time relative to just about anything else in life, but four months of hearing "Is it my birthday?" "Are we going to have a pawdy-yada (pinata)?" and "Are you making me my birthday cake?' (anytime I was cooking anything in the kitchen), makes four short months feel like an eternity. Sprinkle in the at least once a month birthday parties we would attend for other friends, and we had ourselves a genuinely birthday party obsessed almost three year old.

So when the big birthday party day finally arrived, you can just imagine how excited Drew was. His excitement started earlier in the week as I slowly started to pull together and make some of the decorations for the party, but it definitely hit its maximum sometime around 6 am Saturday morning when he popped out of bed. He still didn't understand that Saturday was the day (he just knew his party was really close) and in hopes of getting him to actually take a nap that afternoon, we tried to keep it that way as long as possible. Fortunately Nathan's mom had offered to spend the morning with Drew at Little Gym, which offered the perfect distraction as we set up. We spent the morning finishing up last minute details and my sister Jenn and her husband Burke were even willing (ok, maybe coerced is a more fitting word here) to postpone their move into their new apartment by one day, in order to help us get ready.

I had bought this shirt specifically for party day and Drew knew it, so when we put it on him after naptime it was sort of his kickoff for the birthday shindig. Let the madness begin!!

Although he was wearing his digger shirt throughout the entire afternoon, vast majority of the party he looked more like this:
(Quite possibly my favorite picture from the entire day!). He started out with different shoes, but when Uncle Dana showed up with work boots on, he had to go find his as well.

The sign greeting Drew's "workers" as they came in the front door

The first workers to arrive, came all dressed and ready to work (tools included!)...

...but for the rest of the workers, we had aprons and hard hats waiting. Each apron had a carpenter's pencil, a kid's Clif bar, a mini measuring tape, and a paint roller. 

The sign on the way out

On the invite we had invited the kids to come to the Sloan Construction Site to help Drew with a construction job. I made sure to keep their big job a secret, but I did mention on the invite to "dress for a mess". When Drew's crew got to our house, this is what they found waiting for them:

Houses, in need of some new paint! Nathan had brought home a few boxes from work and he and Burke constructed them into these amazing little houses. Each had a door, a window, and a skylight. The boys had intended for them to have a chimney and a dormer too, but ran out of cardboard (guess I should have expected that considering I put an architect and a perfectionist on the job!). I absolutely loved how they turned out! 

Two things I love about this picture: the dot of red paint (that you may or may not see, but I know is there) on Hope's nose, and the fact that she clearly misunderstood the "Boys Only" rule written above the door. Cute Hope, these are a few of the many reasons why I love you!

The houses when they were all said and done. Drew loves them! He has asked multiple times that they come inside, but fortunately for me, they were built outside and don't fit through any of our doorways. Considering how long Drew kept his original box fort from a while ago, I'm sure these new boxes won't be making their exit anytime soon.

The rest of the party was fun and went off without a hitch. The whole thing was so easy and relatively stress free, which was nice! 

Drew and his pals had fun measuring just about everything in the backyard.

Drew's one request for the party was that he wanted a "pawdy-yada" (pinata). I looked everywhere for a pinata that I liked and couldn't find one, so we decided to make it instead!

I love making Drew's cake each year. It's one of my favorite parts of having a birthday. This year, I had Jenn to help me. We went back and forth between two cakes we wanted to make and finally decided to make both since they were small. We added a few (ok, a lot) of cupcakes, and voila!

I wasn't thrilled with the dump truck...

...but I loved how the little tractor turned out!

And in case you were wondering...
Collin spent most of the day as king of the "party blanket", where he entertained quite a few visitors (Auntie Jenn)



Aunite Kimmie

All in all, a pretty fun day!

As if that weren't enough, the next day (Drew's actual birthday) was also Mother's Day. I was spoiled with breakfast in bed and some beautiful roses, and Drew was spoiled with a special surprise from Lala and Poppi. Because they couldn't come down for the party, we saved their gift for his actual birthday so he would have something fun to "open" that day over Skype with the Oregon crew.

I'd say the train table was a hit...and a fun way for Lala and Poppi to be included in all the fun!

Happy Birthday again Big Kid! 

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Three years ago today, this tiny face made me a Momma. Happy Birthday sweet boy! I love you more than you'll ever know!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Helicop Pizza

So the hubby went "missing" for the weekend; well planned, thought out "missing", but still missing none the less. He and two of his buddies went backpacking a few hours from home and with no cell reception and only one camera with a few photos on it, I can only imagine what they were up to all weekend. Based on the smell of them when they came home three days later, I'm assuming all things "boy".

They were at least nice enough to set the camera timer and get a group picture for us wifeys at home.

With Nathan gone, the boys and I had little agenda and plenty of time to play here at home. Most of our days went by surprisingly quick, but after one particularly slow afternoon, Drew and I decided to turn our kitchen into a pizza parlor. I let him name the pizza place (Helicop, a.k.a. Helicopter Pizza), color a sign and chef hat, and roll (read: play with) the dough before making his own pizza for dinner. I showed him how to do everything while making a small pizza for me and Collin, and he mimicked on his own pizza. It made the rest of a slow afternoon go flying by and both of us had fun!

Creating our sign and his chef's hat

I know this is small and hard to see, but on top of a few of the letters sit a stick Daddy, Mommmy, Drew, Coll-brother and on the "P" of pizza, his friend Noah (as requested by Drewski).

When Nathan got home Sunday night, Drew wanted to hear all about what he'd been up to. He had fun siting and playing with all of Nathan's gear as he unpacked, but especially loved the collapsable fishing pole (probably because it was Drew sized). He sat on the edge of our bed pretending to fish like daddy until bedtime.

Sunday night brought home not only Nathan, but also Jenn, Burkie, their moving truck, and this:

Meet "Frankie". Drew and Collin's new enormous friend sent down from Lala and Poppi (thank you oh so much you two!).

While I'm still wondering where on earth I'm going to put dear Frankie, it was love at first sight for both our boys. 

How squeezable is that little face?? We've had plenty of time outside this week, but since Drew wears no clothes, I've only got pictures of Collin. :)

And finally, we're on the countdown to Drew's birthday weekend! Sesame Street Live was in town this week and thanks to some smart pre-planning on Nathan's part, we were able to take Drew on a surprise date. Collin stayed home with Jenn and Burke (LOVE having them in town!!), and Nathan, Drew and I headed out for the evening. Like most other surprises we've done, we didn't tell Drew what we were up to. By the time he had discovered what we were doing, he was borderline wet-your-pants excited. It was hilarious!

Date night! 

This little face turns three in just two days. Where did that time go??