Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Baby Emery

What's this...a blog post?? 

It only took a baby being born to get me back on here.

That and re-learning how to use Apple's new Photos app instead of iPhoto (I really wish they'd quit changing programs)....

I'm an Auntie again! Miss Emery June was born on June 12th and she is just the sweetest little squish! Christi had called me and Jenn to tell us on Wednesday that her doctor thought she'd be having Emery by the end of the week. So, being the good (scratch that-antsy) sisters that we are, we drove up on Thursday (a lovely thirteen and a half hour drive, thanks to the endless "I-need-to-go-potty"-brigade), and Emery was born on Friday. Perfect timing!

Isn't she precious?

She was greeted by four excited cousins and one really excited big sister.

I couldn't get over how much hair she has! My niece Elsie was born this way and my mom has said Christi was born the exact same way. 

Cute Elsie loves her baby! ...She also loves her Auntie Jenn....so much so, that Jenn was the only one she would allow to do anything for her. Even Lala couldn't help her with anything and Lala is her usual go-to person. 

Baby snuggles are even better when there are two babies in your lap!

I laughed when Christi pointed out that this picture is almost the same one I have of Drew holding Elsie when she was first born. Sure enough, I went and looked it up and...

...Voila! Pretty similar!

Somehow I never got a picture of Christi and Ty Ty and their babies all together, but I did get this cute one of Christi and her girls.

Anyway, Emery is just the sweetest little thing and all those brand new baby snuggles were just, ahhh, the best! Especially when they were all snuggles and no work! ;)