Thursday, June 27, 2013

Father's Day

The day after Auntie Jenn's baby shower was Father's Day. We spent the day up at Burke's mom's house poolside with the family that was still in town from the shower. 

Before I get into all the fun we had lounging around up at Marti's house, I forgot one cute picture from the end of Jenn's shower day:

This is Hannah. My cousin, although Drew has claimed her for his own. So much so, that I am not allowed to refer to her as my cousin. She is Drew's cousin...also known as "Hannah, my faaaaaaaaavorite cousin".  Anyway, Hannah and my Auntie Pam were able to spend the rest of Saturday after the shower hanging out with us. Drew and Collin ate up the time they got with Hannah and she was so sweet to them! Hannah (and Auntie Pam), we miss you already! 

Back to Father's Day. We spent the morning at our house before heading up the hill to Marti's. My parents got Nathan and Burke (who will be a Daddy in three-ish weeks!) these "fruit salad" trees for Father's Day. I had never heard of them before, but they are four fruit trees graded onto one tree. Coolest. Thing. Ever. They boys' happen to be of the stone fruit variety, so the trees will grow: apricots, white peaches, yellow peaches, and plums...all on the same tree. So cool!

After the little boys were all rested up from their naps, we loaded up and met up with everyone up at Burke's mom's house. She has an envy-worthy piece of property that is always a treat to go and visit. It's one of the best places for boys to just be boys...and don't think I'm just talking about the little boys here!

Auntie Christi, Nammy and Tanner

Jenn and Burke's jump off the diving board. I don't even have words for this picture.

In typical Mac style, we managed to snag a few friends to add to our group for the day! Kristen was still in town from the shower, and Nicole is one of Christi's besties from highschool that we roped into coming to hang out with us.

Drew and Collin's favorite thing about Marti's house is that they get to shoot the pellet gun...

...under some very careful watch and major assistance.

Love this hubbs of mine!

My momma and Tanner

Proof that Nathan is nice to you Christinie Weenie! ;)

After dinner, Marti invited the Littles to go and feed the horses with her. BIG yes on the boys' part! Uncle Burke went with them, and the next thing I know, I glance over towards the barn and see this....

That would be Uncle Burke, teaching Drew how to swing like Tarzan from the hot walker (and yes, it was on). Um, what little boy wouldn't be in heaven with his own Tarzan machine??

Not to be left out, Coll got a turn too. The boys each got one lap around the hot walker and then would drop and switch with the other.

Eventually Burkie got tired, and it was Daddy's turn to be the runner. As I watched the boys (both big and little) gleefully swing around the hot walker, I asked Marti if Burke and his brother Brandon used to do this when they were younger. Yep. Only they did it well into their teen years and would turn it on with friends while their parents were gone. I can only imagine the shenanigans teen aged boys could get into on this thing.

Suffice it to say, we had a ton of fun and a very relaxing day. Thank you again Marti! We always love the trips up to your place!

The day after Father's day, most everyone that had been in town for the baby shower, left. My mom and Christi were the only two that stayed behind and we soaked up the extra three days we had with them.

Drew used the extra few days to squeeze in as many snuggles as possible...

...and Tanny got his first haircut! Really, Christi only trimmed up the edges, but it was definitely a haircut and Tanner did great.

In fact, he smiled...

...the whole...



Sunday, June 23, 2013

Auntie Jenn's Baby Shower

My sister Jenn is going to have a baby....

and if that weren't reason enough to celebrate just on its own, it's also a girl!

So, like I said in the last post, we recently threw a baby shower for the baby in the bump. Jenn's nursery colors are coral and navy, so we themed the shower mostly around that, and had so much fun doing it! I am surrounded by all things "boy" in my house, so I relished the opportunity to dabble in pink for a while!

We kicked all boys out of the house bright and early the day of the shower, with the promise of breakfast out with Daddy and Poppi and a round of mini golf. Although the littles were sure this adventure was all about them, a smidge of it was also about me. It was a huge help not having busy little hands "helping" with all of the decorations and last minute prep. 

We held the shower as a brunch and since Jenn requested no games be played (thaaaaank goodness!), we had "well wishes for baby" cards instead that people could fill out while we waited for others to arrive and brunch to be served.

Burke's mom Marti (right) and her good friend (and such a sweet lady) Kathy came to help with last minute things a few hours before the shower. I so appreciated the help, and the company!

My co-horts in this shower throwing adventure: my beautiful momma and sister Christi

And what shower would be complete without plenty of delicious food?

I kept telling Jenn that I was especially looking forward to the shower because it meant we got to see all sorts of family and friends we hadn't seen in a while (a perk to being related to the guest of honor!)

Our grandma, Nammy, Jenn and Jenn's friend Julie

Tanner was the only boy who got to crash the party and I'd say he was pretty content to do so!

The soon-to-be Grandmas

Tanner and my Auntie Pam

My sister Christi and her two best friends Sarah and Nicole

Beth, Holly and Christi

Auntie Pam, Jenn, and our cousin Hannah 

We sat down for brunch and let everyone fill out their wishes for Jenn's baby and then started on gifts. Can you see what she pulled off the top of that package?

Here. I'll clarify. Spurs. Itty, bitty, cutest-you've-ever-seen spurs. I just about died at their cuteness. (Burke's mom rides cutting horses, and it was her gift that these sat on top of.  So fitting, and so adorable).

One of the gifts my mom gave Jenn was a few of her favorite outfits that we wore when we were younger. If you know my mom, the fact that she had actually saved and stored something for 29, gulp....almost 30, years, is a tiny miracle in and of itself. Her type AA-plus personality is a lean, mean, constantly purging and de-cluttering machine. Seriously. Tiny miracle, and such a cool, sentimental gift.

Loved this picture of Jenn and Nammy!

Jenn's besties: Holly, Kristen, and Julie

The lifegroup girls

Nammy, Jenn, my mom, and Marti 

Eventually the littles that I had sent out for the day returned, along with Poppi and the hubbs (I think they arrived home a wee bit early just to sneak some of the food!)

All in all, a really fun day. We are so excited to meet this new baby! I've already spent the better portion of the last eight months whispering to Jenn's belly that I'm her favorite Auntie (that's right Christi...eight months. Benefit of living closer.). 

Five weeks and counting!