Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Three Things

Three things about:

1. Loves to have Collin do things for him. He approaches Coll like he has just the *best* idea for him (like it's all about Collin and not about him), and then introduces some idea that will ultimately work in Drew's favor. Collin almost always gets suckered into this nonsense. "Hey Collin, you know what would be a fun game? I'll ride the tractor and you push!", "Hey Collin, go get that stick I just threw!", "Hey Coll, you don't want to play with that toy, but I do!"....you get the idea. I figure that Drew's time as Mr. Bossypants is probably short lived, so as long as they're both happy it's not hurting anything.

2. Started karate. A friend of ours had a gift certificate that her youngest son wasn't old enough to use, so Drew was invited along for two months worth of classes. So far he has loved it, although we've had to remind him (only a few times!) that karate is for bad guys, not for little brothers.

3. Loves Tanner and is a huge help with him. When Tanner was first born, we had put Tanner's carseat in the middle of both the big boys in the car. This was short lived. I quickly learned that Collin's easy access to his brother meant that Tanner would never, ever be able to fall asleep, not be poked, or keep a paci from being popped out of his mouth as Collin tugged its leash, sooooo we moved Tanner over and put Drew in the middle. Much better idea. Drew is helpful and nurturing not only in the car, but anywhere else as well. It's sweet.

1. Any reference to a number right now is "two-five". How many Legos do you have Coll? "Ummm, two-five!" How many fingers am I holding up? "Two-five!". I had talked about getting hooks for the boys' bathroom for their towels and was going to do number hooks in 1, 2, and 3. Jenn told me not to bother. It should be 1, 2, 5 so that Collin would recognize where his towel should go. :)

2. Almost any time that Coll is asleep if you were to walk into his room, you'd find him with either Rossi (his Rhinoceros) or this Tigger snuggled up underneath him. He is definitely a lovee kid.

3. Loves to go to the park. I remember for a little while with Drew I would have to avoid driving down certain roads with parks on them because I knew that if I drove past I would have him asking for the next half an hour if/when we could go to the park. This is Collin right now. He loves the park!

1. Is starting to reach for toys, especially if they're the toys that hang above him on his play mat.

2. Has found his tongue. This in combination with the fact that I'm pretty sure he's working on those bottom teeth coming through has made for some very soggy shirts. Enter the bibs. With all that drool I was having to change him four or five times in an afternoon just to keep him dry. A friend suggested putting a bib on him and changing that instead and it has made for much less laundry!

3. Officially took his first trip in the jogger (instead of the Ergo pack) on our walk the other day. He loved it!

Friday, February 8, 2013

The January Roundup

 Since I happened to completely miss the month of January in blog world, how about a photo roundup?

My grandma was here!! She got to meet Tanner and celebrate my birthday with me (day-of and everything!) ....and dare I say, the only thing better than having your mom around to spoil you on your birthday, is having your Grandma! Nammy, we love when you are here. Wish we lived closer to you so we could see you more often!

We also spent a day of January playing in the snow with Drew and Collin's favorite buddies Noah and Nathan. Drew had been asking when we could go visit the snow, since coming home from Oregon through all the snow covered passes, so the invite to play was perfect timing!

Noah and Nathan's mom, Laura, brought juice to make snow slushies with

The boys loved them!

Their grandparents' cabin is filled with all sorts of fun snow toys. The boys had fun sledding, "surfing", snowboarding, and just plain old throwing and playing in the snow

Loved this picture of Nathan all bundled up. Reminds me of "A Christmas Story"...."I can't put my arms down!" :)

The boys found snowball makers....need I say more?

Drewski also started preschool the first week of January. So far, he has loved it! I've somewhat adjusted to having only two kids with me twice a week, but it was strangely quiet in our house at first!
Big Kid on his first day

January also brought my parents into town over my mom's birthday weekend. Although my parents had really come down to tie up some loose ends on their house here after their renter moved out, we managed to squeeze in a mini birthday party on Saturday night. Saturday morning though, we were all up at my parents' house and since we had volunteered to help there, Kathleen took the boys. Turns out that while we were away, Drew had asked Grandma to take him shopping to pick out a birthday present for Lala. Kathleen said he was very specific with his list and knew exactly what it was that they were going out for. Fair warning...this is where I get to brag about my mother-in-law for just a moment, because not only did she take him out, she went and hunted down each and every item he was looking for and then wrapped them in the wrapping paper he had picked out. Drew was giddy (to say the very least) and super proud of the presents he had picked out just for Lala. 

Lala opening her presents...

and Vanna....um, I mean Poppi...showing them off! 

Lala's birthday card that Drew decorated. (He asked Grandma to find him some jewels to decorate Lala's birthday crown and card with, and of course, she managed to find some!)

So what was it Drew had on his very specific list? A princess Barbie, a rockstar Barbie (aka a ballerina Barbie) and "girl Legos". Drew was so, so excited to give Lala her presents. Seriously Kathleen, thank you! You made both Lala and Drew feel pretty special. You are the best!

The boys getting in their Poppi time

And finally, this past weekend we headed up to our old high school for the annual baseball alumni game. Nathan hasn't played in it since the first year we were married, but he did great (almost hit a home run, thankyouverymuch!).  The boys and I had all sorts of fun catching up with friends and watching Daddy play.

The boys even made signs to surprise Daddy with (he left the house a few hours earlier than we did, giving the boys an opportunity to color)