Monday, October 13, 2014

Three Things

1. Lost another tooth. This one was actually loose first, so we were expecting it to fall out (unlike the first one). Drew let Daddy pull it (ew!) and it was so loose that when he did, Drew was still sitting with his eyes squeezed shut asking, "Are you going to pull it?". He never felt anything and now has his two bottom teeth missing!

2. Loves Science and wants to be an engineer (or a baseball player) when he grows up.

3. Is King of the cheese ball face right now.

4. Is all about telling knock, knock jokes these days. We're still working on the whole punchline thing.

5. Loves to write or color you notes. I often find these little love notes next to my bed when I go to sleep at night. Melt.

A horse :)

I loved that he had made this note stand!

1. Loves cutting with scissors! This almost always results in a piece of paper being cut into hundreds of itty bitty pieces. I keep trying to explain to him that I will hand him another piece of paper when he's done making a few cuts on the first one, (instead of him continually cutting the same piece until it's in minuscule pieces), but I think he just enjoys being a confetti maker.

2. Loves animals (which I know I've said before), but its still relevant. The first thing he asks when he wakes up is, "Where's Brucey?". Not "Hi mom" or "Good morning",  or "What's for breakfast?"....."Where's Brucey?". Each and every day. Same thing for when we come home from being out of the house.

3. Often sings to himself, which I love overhearing.

4. Like Drew, he is also big on the knock knock jokes....and also like Drew, the concept of a punchline is, for the most, part lacking. Since the jokes get so scrambled though, they end up being funny with or without a logical punchline!

Tan Tan the Man Man
1. Moved into a big kid bed at the beginning of September.

2. Wants to use the potty, but I'm not ready to potty train yet. He'll ask to hop on the potty, but doesn't do much beyond that. Usually I will appease him and let him just sit.

3. Loves to be silly. He will do almost anything if it means getting a laugh out of his brothers. Sometimes this is fun, sometimes it brings trouble!

4.  Still loves a good tantrum. Hoping that all my killer parenting skills will be making this phase a short one, HA!

5. Turned two yesterday! (How did that happen??).

5. Is a time out sympathizer. Although he's had his own fair share of being in trouble, almost any time one of the other boys is in time out, Tanner will go and sit with them. Makes me laugh.