Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Duck Club

So I totally missed posting about one of the boys' adventures a few months ago! Not sure how I missed it, but it was big in their world and combined a lot of favorites....Daddy, Grandpa, and Camo. Lots and lots of camo.

Nathan's Dad is part of a duck hunting club that hosts a kids' weekend each year. Although our boys were by no means old enough to actually hunt, they were old enough to go stay and be a part of things, which for them, directly translated into a great excuse to wear the head-to-toe camo gear they received at Christmas. (And thank goodness for a true excuse to wear it! I'm fairly certain Drew's preschool class has seen at least one item of camo worn daily since December....and on many days full camo gear).

The boys only spent one night, but came back so, so excited about their trip. They were also filthy dirty and exhausted, good signs these boys had fun! It was weird for me to only have Tanner home for a night.....such a quiet, mellow evening  that made me, believe it or not, miss the continual madness that is our house.

Terrible picture, but I loved Coll's face in this! All decked out and ready to go....three hours prior to leaving.

Since the hunting wouldn't be happening until the morning, once they actually left town and headed out to the club, they spent the evening hanging out at the lodge with everyone...

Snuggles for Grandpa!

...And checking out all of Grandpa's cool stuff!

The next morning, the boys got up at the bright and early hour of five a.m., to join everyone that would be hunting, for breakfast before they left. The little boys then hung out at the lodge with daddy until later that morning when they were free to go check out the duck blinds without hunters actually shooting.

Grandpa's hunting dog, Teka, was also along for the trip.

...although maybe she's Grandma's.....hmmmm.

Anyway, a few dead ducks were out with hunters that had recently shot them and the boys were apparently all about holding and touching them (um, EW.).

Riding on the back of grandpa's quad

All prepared with duck calls and whistles.

Practicing duck calls.

The boys headed home in the late afternoon and Nathan said they had conked out about two minutes into the drive. 

Proof that a good time was had by all!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Weekend Trip

So my newest niece is already here, but since catch-up is the game I play around here, I still need to post on the quick trip I took to visit my sister-in-law for her hometown baby shower. Grandma, Kathleen, Kim's best friend Brooke and I all flew up to spend an extended weekend with Kimmie. I loved getting to see "our" baby and feel him or her (because at the time, we didn't know what the peanut in there was) move around.

I am officially counting down the days until we get to meet her. Eleven days left to go and I can hardly wait to snuggle her! Anyway, I will leave most of the photo sharing to Kimmie, but I did catch a few cute pictures of my travel buddies that I wanted to post.

Auntie Kimmie and her Momma. Aw.

Brooke and I with "our" baby ;) 

Kimmie, Grandma, and Kathleen

Since doing projects the last few weeks of pregnancy is the very last thing any pregnant person wants to do, we found a few things Kimmie wanted to get done and finished them up for her. One of those projects was to hang a few shelves in her living room. Since Brooke and I "aren't allowed" (ha!) to do the picture hanging at our house, it was a small miracle that we could actually get the job done and do it correctly (who woulda thunk!). That would be a perfectly level shelf Brooke, Kathleen and I just hung! 

Our finished work!

We also helped pull a few last minute things together on Kimmie's nursery (which turned out darling!), but again, I'll let her share those just feels invasive to share someone else's nursery that they spent time on!

Four days went flying by and we were back in the airport waiting to fly home again in what felt like no time. While I was checking in at the airport, I got a text from my sister Jenn (who had the boys while Nathan was working), saying that Collin's cough that I had left him with, seemed worse and that he seemed wheezy. After calling her and listening to what was going on, we decided we'd wait the few hours it would take me to get home and I'd take care of it when I got there (non-emergency). Well, by the time I'd made it home and gotten everything in the door, Coll's breathing was fairly labored and wheezy. Because our pediatrician's office was already closed, I left Nathan with Drew and Tanner and headed over to Urgent Care. I figured we'd at least get him checked out before we tried to fend for ourselves through the night. Well, turned out Big Kid's blood oxygen levels were way too low and we spent a few hours doing multiple breathing treatments to fix everything. 

Coll was a trooper and after three treatments, we were sent home and asked to return to our pediatrician the following morning for a follow up.

Well, follow up turned into more breathing treatments because by the time we returned his oxygen levels were too low again. 

The nurses were so sweet and managed to get Coll through with the promise of a blue sucker when it was all said and done. We left with a ton of medicine to help kick Collin's cough and within a week or so, Coll was good as new. 

Quite the adventure of a weekend!