Sunday, July 21, 2013


Happy Birthday

 to this sweet and always silly now three year old! 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Three Things

Three Things About:


1. Can officially swim... true, honest to goodness, arm strokes included, swimming. It's his first summer doing so, and I'm one proud Momma.
2. Tells every story in his big kid voice. It's deeper than his normal voice and he makes the same serious face every time the big kid voice comes out. It's basically the Drew version of Nathan's business voice, (if you've never heard that...well, you're just missing out. *grin*). His stories are also really long and very detailed. Be prepared to settle in. You'll be there for a while.
3. Loves to show off his dance moves. Stellar moves, that came directly from his Daddy. In fact, I laughed because the other day, Jenn and Burke were over and Burke had gone to head out to the backyard. On the way out he passed Drew who was rockin' out on an air guitar to the music playing outside. "Hey Burke!" (In the big kid voice). Rocking and wiggling away. Burkie then rounded the corner, and there, bless his little heart, was my husband rockin' out on an air guitar to the same music playing. "Hey Burke".  Rocking and wiggling away. Burke came in laughing and later told Jenn...same exact moves, same exact face, same exact tone. In so many ways, Drew is Nathan's mini-me.
Bonus: Loves to do his own hair right now. This is typically a fifteen minute process that includes him ever so slowly wetting down each and every strand of hair with a comb, and then sweeping all of it to the side.

**Now, I know some of this sounds like I'm poking fun, but he really is just the cutest thing. It's so fun to see him growing up. All five years of his bad self. I kind of just follow him around smiling to myself and shaking my head. Truly, I love his age. Sassy, funny, and adorable.


1. Loves all things super hero. Give him a cape, and he can take on the world. He also has a super hero stance that he jumps into as soon as the cape goes on. Basically it goes like this: Cape on. Jump into stance (hands on hips). Pause for two seconds and look around, and then take off running. One of these days I'll catch "the stance" on camera, but for now, take my word for it.
2. Is often immersed in some game of make believe with his toys (usually his Rescue Bots). I regularly go about things in the house with Collin chattering in the background all caught up with his toys in some imaginary scenario. I love stopping and listening to "the story". I have to be sneaky about this though, because if he catches me, he most often stops, embarrassed. "Mo-ummmm".
3. Is always up for wrestling/wild play. We call it Collin's bee in his bonnet...just this need to do something wild and physical. Drew's usually on the other end of this.
Bonus: He also loves to be silly (especially for a reaction).


1. Is on the move and trying to go up! Most often, I find him army crawling. He can crawl (on his hands and knees), but he's faster at an army crawl so will usually go back down to his stomach. He can also "stand" on his knees and can get up on his feet so long as he's holding on to something. If he stands on his feet though, he will usually fall over again within a few seconds.
2. Gives kisses, although they are given out completely on his terms, and he's stingy with them!
3. Has his two front teeth now, bringing our total to four.
Bonus: Is starting to babble. He also loves a good you can see. Nobody puts baby in a basket. Clearly.