Friday, January 28, 2011

Oh so glamorous....

Thanks to my two sick munchkins, I've been wearing someone else's snot on my shirt for the better part of this past week (oh the joys of being a momma!). Needless to say, we haven't been out much. I did manage to snag a few pictures at the beginning of the week though, so until next week, enjoy!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

3 Things and a Bonus!

3 Things about....

1.  He loves to "read". Even better if there's an audience. Surprisingly, he remembers most of the storylines of the books we read most often.
2. He now asks "What time o'clock?" (What time is it?) 5 million times a day. 
3. He pronounces the word "coyote" as cay-lotey. It's one of my favorite things he mispronounces.

1. He now sits on his own like a champ!
2. He LOVES the bathtub.
3. He's starting to move! We place him in one spot and inevitably he ends up in another. He's definitely not crawling yet, but the army wiggle is a go!


There's a miniature golf course here in town that you can see from the freeway. We pass it often and for weeks now, each time that we do, we end up talking about the sandcastle and the windmill that are on the course for the rest of the day. So, one night after dinner we decided to surprise Drew and take him mini golfing for the first time. We didn't tell him what we were up to until we were in the parking lot and by his reaction, you'd think we had just pulled up at Disneyland.

The first hole.

Thank goodness for the Ergo pack! Collin was a warm, happy little camper!

The windmill.

The gaudy pink "sandcastle". Notice the little red blob on the ground near the door. Drew had to go see where his ball went, here and on every other hole. :)

The inevitable. Tears on the last hole. We ended up letting him keep his ball as a souvenir and pacifier for a tearless car ride home. Baaaaaaaad parents, I know.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another year bites the dust.

So half of you reading this will probably laugh, but it finally happened. As of January 7th, I reached the age that I had always had set in my mind as "old". Yep, 27. I know what you're thinking. What??!! Believe me, now that it's here, that's what I'm thinking too!  For most people, I think this marker is 30, but to me twenty seven was it. The age when you had it all together; grown up job, grown up house, grown up things...old. Comical, right? As of now, I refuse to call 27 old. These days my marker on old is that handsome guy I call my husband. Thanks to the three and a half years between us, I will forever be young (or at least younger) and he will always be old. (Kidding hun! In any case, you're the best looking "old" person I know! xoxo.).

Aside from the trauma of turning 27, my actual birthday was fun. Drew and I made cinnamon rolls for the weekly playgroup we have at our house, and the boys and I spent the morning hanging out with good friends. Nathan ended up stopping by halfway through playgroup and surprised me with flowers. Small gestures like this are his specialty!

Drew's just starting to create imaginary stories. This time, he and his pal Brayden were hunting monsters under Collin's crib. I love that they each needed a flashlight to see the beasties they were hunting!

Our anniversary was this week too. The day after my birthday. 6 years. (Remember that thing about us getting old?). I'm incredibly thankful for the man I married. He's a great dad, and a constant friend. It's fun doing life together.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


We were spoiled this week and had Nathan home with us Friday and Monday for New Year's. We all love extra Daddy time! Our New Year's eve was pretty uneventful as we celebrated in true old people fashion and just watched movies at home. Nathan and I both managed to stay up just long enough to watch the ball drop, and then off to bed we went. I laughed when my sister Jenn sent me a text in the morning that said, "You guys actually stayed up?!". Jeez, are we that bad? Guess having an infant who's still up at night will do that to you.

The boys, surprise, surprise, spent New Year's eve sleeping! Auntie Kim and Uncle Dana had given Drew a "Cars" sleeping bag for Christmas and on New Year's he asked to sleep in it. Notice that the covers had to be pushed away. Originally he had asked me to take the covers off his bed entirely. Good try kiddo, but those lovely side rails make re-making a bed a huge pain. Even with the covers just pushed aside, he was pretty happy.

And just in case you didn't know, the Tostitos BCS Championship is coming up and the Ducks are playing. Nathan's been subtly reminding us for days...